Why don’t you get good results by boosting on Facebook?

Many of us advertise products and services on Facebook but do not get the results as expected. But why? This is because your products and services cannot create customer demand or your products and services are not presented to the right customers. When you go to the market to buy something, you can go around the shops and buy what you like and what you have in your purchasing power. Similarly, when advertising a product and service on Facebook, you have to think about potential buyers. Otherwise, your money will go into the water.

Now let’s take a look at what we’re looking for when we advertise on Facebook.

  1. Products and Services: Your product and service must be unique. The price has to be matched. Many people advertise counterfeit products and common products. These products and services do not respond much to the customer. So Facebook also gives less importance. So it doesn’t sell or decrease.
  2. Price: Prices are often an issue, even if the product is preferred. So set the price according to the product’s quality. The product is preferred because of the high price, but the buyers will not want to buy it.
  3. Buyer selection: Set these to age, gender, demography, their behavior, preferences, life events when choosing a buyer or a dysentery on Facebook. Set custom auditions with pixels for those who have websites. You can also set up Look-a-Like Audience.
  4. Location selection: If your business is either local or for certain designated areas, select The Audience the same way. If you think your product can run all over the country, you can choose the audience for the whole country.
  5. Content: Content plays a big role in advertising on Facebook. Make the design attractive. Product photographs have to be of great quality. Write the text in a nice way. Spell, keep in mind that grammar should not go wrong. For example, you’ll advertise a shot, someone gives a picture of a folding shot, some may have a picture of the full shot, and some may have a picture of the shot with the model. I would say the second one is more attractive to the buyers than the first one and the third one will be more attractive to the buyers than the second one. So, more clicks on this kind of image. More clicks means more engagement. And more rich. So there’s a lot of potential for selling.
  6. Increase engagement: To get good results for your products and services, you need to increase engagement. Now the question is, what is this engagement? If the post you created for advertising gets more likes, tutorials, shares, it will increase engagement. Facebook decorates its mutual friends when someone shares likes, tutorials, and other things. And that’s how Rich grows. The possibility of selling products is created.
  7. Audience narrow: Many people make the audience very big. You don’t have to reach ads for people who don’t buy your product. This will increase the cost but you will not get the desired results. So keep age, gender, place and choices small to get good results.
  8. Ad format: Do not use the same format again and again for advertising. Change the format sometimes. For example, use a dysentery, carol ad, etc.
  9. Review Day: There are a lot of frauds in the name of selling products online these days. We have to gain credibility from the buyers. So please publish a positive review in the middle of the day.
  10. Ad validity: Don’t extend the ad’s validity. Long stake in ad performance. Don’t run any ads for more than 7 days.
  11. New content: Don’t go to the same ad to boost it again and again. This can lead to negative feedback that is harmful to Ad’s performance. So always use new content. Don’t steal other people’s content.
  12. Research: Research the results after each promotion is over. Think about it. Check the chart from the ad account and see the performance of the ad. Note age, gender, rich, per-capital rate, placement etc. Then, when you add, think of the audience and set them up.

If you do research and use your brain to get the right ad, your ad will perform well. This will reduce the cost. You will get better results. Your product will be more likely to be sold.

Finally, Let’s say another thing, many people may be able to boost through different individuals or agencies. Take a little care in this case. Many of the batsmen and inexperienced, inexperienced people offer lower rates for the bust. Never let them fall into their trap. It will ruin your money. Your page may also be damaged. So, check out your profile before selecting someone to boost. Choose his experience, skills.

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