Why does Facebook suspend payment methods?

Why does Facebook suspend payment methods?

Facebook’s legal payment method is used as a master card, visa card and Amex card from Bangladesh. Some people use PayPal. But that is not valid. Some people also use prepaid ad accounts linked to bank accounts in different countries.

Sometimes it is heard that someone is using different cards to hack or steal. So Facebook always thinks about the safety of its users. And so when Facebook’s system finds any unusual activity in the payment method or ad account, the payment method is temporarily suspended or disabled. In that case, you have to have a good time.

Your running ads are all closed. Facebook suspended payment method for various reasons. Now we’ll find out why Facebook suspends payment methods. It was shown in the light of my experience and various case studies.

  1. If the user’s country and billing address are different countries.
  2. Payment method user name if it does not match Facebook profile in any way.
  3. Using virtual cards.
  4. Use the same card on multiple personal ad accounts at the same time.
  5. If you connect to a PayPal ad account from Bangladesh.

For the same reason, Facebook will suspend the use of payment methods and require verification for security reasons. In this case, you must appeal by attaching a scan copy of the NID or passport or driving license. The country and billing countries must respond appropriately to why they are different.

If your response to Facebook seems satisfactory, your payment method will be re-implemented very quickly. Your ads will then be activated if they are in the valley. And it may be that it is not possible to activate immediately without making it effective. You have to wait a few days in this case.

Payment method is a sensitive issue for Facebook. So be careful and follow their policies.

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