Why does Facebook flags ad accounts?

Facebook flags ad account if they break their policy. There’s a lot in policy. There are some things that are difficult to understand. You can’t understand directly. And sometimes you won’t understand exactly why your account was flagged, as they won’t clearly tell you. There are also 15 days of use of your ad account, and suddenly you see your account is being flagged.

Facebook ad accounts are being flagged for various reasons. My experience, case studies, Facebook policies and various articles have been found out. Let’s find out what those issues are.

Common causes

  1. Suspected payment method s/he tried to use it again and again.
  2. If Facebook thinks their security is being disrupted.
  3. If you use the ad account in an unusual way.
  4. You created a new Facebook account and you added it.
  5. If you’re too much for different campaigns, you’re not allowed to do so.
  6. In a short time, you can add a page from 2 or more ad accounts.
  7. When ad is published from multiple locations, the ad account is not used.
  8. Illegally using Facebook ad coupons.

Prohibited content

  1. This kind of ad can destroy social, communal harmony.
  2. Illegal goods and services. For example, if you add a replica or a fake product.
  3. Discrimination. If you have a discrimination statement in the ad or publish a picture. For example, if a particular group is insulting the community, harassing someone, specifically when someone is asked not to respond to the ad.
  4. Cigarettes and electricity ads.
  5. Drugs and ads.
  6. Unsafe supplements. For example, hormones for rapid growth. Fat refreshing tablets.
  7. Firearms, ammunition, explosives.
  8. Adult products, services or content.
  9. Use any third party content without permission, including copyright, trademarks, privacy issues and the right to broadcast.
  10. Sad, violent and hateful ad.
  11. To look at someone’s status of religion, race, race, faith, gender, mental and physical health.
  12. False assurance or making a false offer.
  13. Political and social issues are commercial.
  14. Using a landing page that doesn’t work properly. Loads very slowly. Offers low quality products and services. Forwards elsewhere, which are not relevant to the ad.
  15. Mobile phone trackers, spy cameras and ad for secretly surveillance equipment.
  16. Using misspellings, grammar, pronunciation, code, numbers, characters, etc.
  17. Use a button that doesn’t exist.
  18. Add in a picture about personal health, stating the state of the past and present.
  19. Ml, M Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Program.
  20. The ads for providing fake documents like immigration, certificates, visas, etc.
  21. Flash animation and audio that is automatically turned on.
  22. Ads for a streaming device that unauthorized access to original media.
  23. Ad for banned financial products and services. For example, stay at home and earn.

Restricted content

  1. Alcohol ad. Which can be followed by the rules and regulations.
  2. Online dating ad with permission.
  3. Online gambling, real money games, online lotteries, casinos, etc. can be allowed.
  4. The government-approved regional lottery ad can be granted.
  5. Online pharmacy ad requires approval.
  6. Target adjacency for acceptable dietary products, Herbal Supplements Add must be at least 18 years of age.
  7. Applications for credit cards, financial services and the activities of the Credit Institute and the rules must be clearly stated.
  8. Branded products can’t be added without permission. Many of us are mistaken about branded products. It’s not about a popular brand. In this case, branded products are referred to as third-party products. Products that you do not have ownership or partnerships with.
  9. Political and election-related ads can be provided. However, the applicable law must be followed and Facebook will be allowed.
  10. Crypto currency and ads cannot be provided without Facebook’s permission.

We are so damaged when an ad account is a flag, just as a death of a human is a family that brings a lot of damage. All running ads are stopped. The loss is our business. So we should give it a lot of thought when we give an ad.

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