What is The Custom Audience of Facebook How does custom audience work

What is The Custom Audience of Facebook? How does custom audience work?

Custom audience is an ad-targeting option on Facebook that allows you to find your current audience who already know something about your business and are active on Facebook.

Various sources are used to create custom audience. It could be an online source and an online source. Custom orders can be created under an ad account up to 500. Look a like Audience can be created using custom audience as a source.

How does custom audience work?

You must have good source data to use custom audience. It could be your own data and it could be third party. You can use third-party data sharing as a rule of Facebook. However, you can use data on pages that you have admin access to.

You can create custom audiences by taking those data as a source that may seem very good and relevant to you. You can also discard data that may seem unnecessary and irrelevant to you.For example, your page data is of very good quality. You want to include those who were on your page in the last 120 days and also exclude those who have only been messaging in the last 30 days, which can be easily done through custom audiences. Below is a page that shows what you can do and what you can’t do.

  1. Those who visited your page
  2. Those who were in any tune or ad engagement on your page
  3. Anyone who clicked any Call to Action button
  4. Those who have messaged your page
  5. Those who saved your page or any tune

Custom Audience Sources:

1) Customer List:
The list will include fields like customer email, phone number, first part, last part, name, city name, country name, date of birth, birth year, age, tune code, gender, Facebook page ID etc. Facebook will match all this information and find the audience. You need to create spreadsheets with data. Then you can upload it manually unless you’re using the Custom Audience Sync tool.

2) Website:
It is used by connecting Facebook’s Pixel tracking code to the website. You can show ads to those who visited your site within 180 days.

3) App Activity:
If your business is app-based, you can create custom audiences using data from people who have used it or were in different activities.

4) Offline Activity:
This custom audience can be created by uploading them to Facebook by creating spreadsheets with data from people who visit your store and buy them.

5) Facebook:
This custom audience can be created using data from Facebook’s various tunes, videos, events, lead forms, instant experience. Also, data from Instagram Business Profile can be used. Data can be used for 365 days from these sources. However, the lead form has a validity of 90 days.

Some custom audience rules:
You must follow certain rules in order to use custom-based data. For example-

  • You can only use the data you have permission to use.
  • Customers who don’t want to be on your customer list must be excluded. For example: Email list.


Facebook Custom Audience is a very powerful tool. You can use it to get a good result from Ed. It will save you time and reduce the cost of the boost. The increase in the quality of the quality means that there is a strong potential for sales growth. Those who have been using information like demographics, interests, behaviors and so on for so long can now be able to boost with custom audiences. I hope you can clearly understand the difference.

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