What is Facebook Ads Coupon? What does it do to the page?

I’ve seen a number of people in the e-cab group about Facebook ad coupons, with some of the most interesting and untruthful information. Two important information is that using Facebook’s ad coupons is less rich and harmful to the page. I’m creating this article from my long-term work experience, research and case studies. In this case, I have learnt the experience of 3/4 top coupon seller and users in Bangladesh, and i have spoken to them about it.

What is Facebook Ad Coupon?

Facebook Ad Coupon is a kind of incentive for page users. It’s a gift from Facebook. Its official name is “Facebook Ad Credit”. It’s a special payment method that allows you to pay for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Facebook offers coupons if you create a new account or a long-term boost off. Also, ad credits are available if you participate in some of the sites or companies that are in partnership with Facebook. For example, Facebook’s own survey work.

Currently, a coupon cannot be purchased or requested directly from Facebook. The primary condition of getting an ad coupon is that an account page must have an admin roll and an any personal ad account.

How does Facebook’s Ad Coupon work?

Facebook’s ad coupons offer in the form of notification in personal profile or email. But to enjoy it, you have to redeem it. In this case, the person must have a personal ‘ad account’ account and add a primary payment method ed account. For example, Master Card, Visa Card, American Express etc.

Once the coupon is re-read, it can be posted on Facebook or Instagram and the bill can be paid by coupon. Facebook cuts Ad’s bill every day from coupons. However, the coupon cannot be paid if the bill is dew before the coupon is redeemed. You’ll have to pay it with a primary payment method.

What is the Ad Coupon validity?

Coupons can be used in 30 days from when offered. After the redeem, it is available for 30 days to use. The coupon balance and validity are known from the “payment settings” of the ad account

Will you get less reach using ad coupon?

Many people have such a view that using coupons makes rich less or Ed doesn’t perform well. It’s a misconception. I said it was a special payment method. It can pay for ed so rich is less or more connected to it. It will work the same way it works when you use other payment methods.

Frauds on coupons if you buy from persons:

Coupon is a legal payment method for Facebook. Facebook offers it for free promotion to some of its users. And by capitalizing it, many people open new profiles and use different types of tricks to get coupons out. Some use it themselves and some sell it. There are many other types of frauds and scams that are carried out with this coupon. Below are some of the sample of the frauds.

  1. Coupon redeem can be found in the offer accepted personal ad account. The main admin of that account is the owner. He was given a lot of power. He can make anyone admin, editor or advertiser of that ad account if he wants. You can also remove them at any time. Other admins can’t remove the original admin. And that power is used. For example, if you buy an ad account with coupons from someone, you won’t be able to own it. You’ll be given an opportunity to use it as an admin. If you pay, you will be administrated. Then it turns out you’re removed from the admin roll, you can’t use it anymore. The whole money is a goth.
  2. Ad running time,you was were to boost an ed by an admin. Coupons will cut the ad’s money, you’ll be lost.
  3. An admin who has a policy violate and gives an ad boost can cause the account to be flagged.
  4. If you boost with a person or agency, they can keep the ad’s bill due, which can cause damage to your page.
  5. Many people buy and offer low rates for the boost because they are available for less. They have no experience or study on the bust. They should be provided with a boost service. You can be damaged by the trap.

Some of the harmful aspects of coupon use:

  1. Facebook may think of it as spamming when you’re repeatedly boosted with the same ID. In my own research, I found that Facebook could “improve” the ID in this case. This makes it possible to do that ID and not to boost it.
  2. These coupons are marketed by various hand-to-hand, so many IDs are associated with “ad accounts” as admins. So it’s not as safe to use them, Facebook disables the account by showing ‘unusual activity’.
  3. Virtual cards are added as primary payment methods. This card is verified many times. You can get into trouble.
  4. These coupons are extracted using fake Ids so can sometimes perform ID verified. These can’t be verified anymore.

Does the page be damaged if you boost with coupons?

It’s a million dollar question. Many people have no good idea or misconceptions about it. The simple answer is that by coupon with policy, the ad boost doesn’t harm the page. This is because the coupon ad account is not owned by anyone else. The original admin is connected to it. It is legal to admin someone else according to Facebook’s policy. He can use that account to boost. Many people may say that coupons are given to boost the ad on a specific page, so it’s not right to boost the ad on another page. There are no restrictions on Facebook’s ad policy or coupon terms. In fact, the coupon is given to an ID and can be used in accordance with Facebook’s ad policy.

I have used about 300 coupons for research on about 50 pages. No page has been damaged so far. Not to be. Now many people can say that their page is “Ad-restricted” or unpublished because of the coupon. It’s not because of coupons. Facebook has taken action because you didn’t follow Facebook’s ad policy. For example, you’ve been boosted using coupons but your ad has been re-regenerated 3/4 times over time for not following the policy. Facebook blocks the page when it is re-reset, and doesn’t allow ads. It was then that you used additional credit to pay for a page boost a few times, in which case Facebook will UN-publish the page. Now tell me what it did for coupon use?

I hope i learned a lot about Facebook Ad Coupon from my research post. I don’t want to say that everyone who sells Facebook coupons is a fraud. There are many good coupon cellars. If there is a problem, it is treated or replaced. Learn better about someone before buying a coupon, verify it and use the coupon. Otherwise, you can lose your page forever if the money goes into the water.

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