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Web Stories by Google a new plugin for WordPress in 2020

What is a web story?

Web Story before we go further, do you remember about the AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)? which was initiated on 7th October 2015, to provide the fastest and optimized mobile content to the mobile users and it was originally created by Google to compete with Facebook Instant Articles(IA) and Apple News.

From the Concept of AMP technology Google first introduce this concept in 2018. After developing for 2 years its Public Beta was released in April 2020.

Web Stories is a Story Format Content just like Facebook Day or Myday but it is tappable and full-screen visual content, especially for mobile users, and its orientation, is vertical.

Have a look at my story about Google Web Stories

Most engaging features of Web Stories by Google:

  1. Easily Create Beautiful Visual content with drag and drop features
  2. Flexible Editing and Branding features.
  3. Web Story links are sharable on the entire web and can be embedded on webpages.
  4. Web Stories loads faster like AMP pages are loaded.
  5. Most things are Web Story can be Monitiezed with Google AdManager and DV360(Beta).
  6. You can put affiliate links in Web Story as the links are clickable.
  7. You can use Rich Media Type Content like JPEG and GIF images and Videos on Web Stories.
  8. You can insert Background Music in Web Stories.
  9. Titles and Texts support Animations like Fade in, Fly, Drop, etc.

Installing Web Stories on WordPress:

Note: Web Story by Google plugin is not published yet. But you can use the public beta variant available in Google Github. You can download Web Story plugin from google official Github link.

We can expect this plugin will be available on WordPress.org soon. I will update this link when it available on WordPress’s official plugin page. Learn more about the web story official webpage.

To begin installing the web story plugin click Download the Beta.


You will get a zipped file named web-stories.zip. Keep this as it is for now.

Now go to WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins 
    • Then Click Add New
    • And Finally, Click Upload Plugin
  2. Choose the zipped file you downloaded recently
  3. Now click the install now button to start installing this magical plugin.
  4. After successfully installing the web story plugin, click Activate Plugin
  5. Finally, you will get New element Named as “Stories”.

As the plugin is in beta mode and its development is ongoing, if you find any bugs you can submit on that form. And you can also file a bug or request for a feature on Github.

Some helpful tools to create Web Story

  • MakeStories 
    • Drag & Drop
    • Zero Coding Guaranteed 
    • Rich Stock Library
    • WordPress Plugin Available
    • Supports AMP Animation
    • Web Story Auto Ads Supported
    • 800+ Fonts Collection
    • 300+ Built-in Templates
    • One-Click Filter Option
  • NewsRoom
    • USA Today, Forbes, Sky News, Refinery29, VICE, NOW THIS, Lonely Planet, PopSugar are using these tools for creating web Stories.
    • More than 300M+ Photos & Video unrestricted access from Getty Image.
    • SEO Optimized no coding or infrastructure Web Stories.
    • Have an amazing dashboard to track your web story performance.
  • VisualStories
    • Over 600M People are using Web Story
    • They Have huge Story Collection with dozens of different categories.
    • They also Provide Progressive Web Apps(PWA) for your Website.
    • You can create your own website here with their subdomain 
    • Create Story and Embed on Your SIte and anywhere you want.

You can also try Make Story WordPress Plugin

How to optimize Web Stories for SEO?

After installing web story plugin on your dashboard you get some notice like shown below


After clicking Titles and Meta Page you will get this kind of Dashboard where you can set Single Story Title and Schema type in RankMath SEO plugin.


Now click on the Story Site Map section you will get your Web Story Sitemap link. This link need to be submitted on Google Search Console SiteMap.

If you don’t submit this story sitemap link your Web Story won’t appear in Google Search result.  

Web Story description modification is not available till now.

How to Monetize your Web Story?

There are three kinds of monetization is available right now

  1. Google Ads Manager
  2. DV360 Beta
  3. Earn via Affiliate Links

How to embed web story on Single Post or Pages?

Goto creates a new page or post or edits an existing post. Then use WordPress block Editor to edit or create a new post.


Click on the Plus icon then search for Web Story.


Then Click on Web Story and you will get a field to input your created web story link. Then adjust your web story.

How to test if I have added a Web Story correctly?

Web Stories are Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP Optimized, you can my story link on Google AMP Tester. After testing you will get the message like “Valid Web Story

web story amp test
web story amp test

Web Story is eligible for AMP search features in Google search results” and “Web Story has valid structured data”.


How Web Stories appear on Google Search Result?

There are four types result can be appeared on mobile device google search result. These are given below

Web Story google search result type 1
Web Story google search result type 1
Web Story google search result type 2
Web Story google search result type 2
Web Story google search result type 3
Web Story google search result type 3
Web Story google search result type 4
Web Story google search result type 4

If you have time you can read about Best setting for LiteSpeed cache.

If you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to comment it.

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