The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for the End of 2020

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for the end of 2020

Do you know the top 10 WordPress plugin for the end of 2020? In this article i am going to explain about those top 10 WordPress plugin.

RankMath SEO WordPress Plugin
RankMath SEO

Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin:

Most people knows about the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin. Yoast WordPress SEO is the number one SEO plugin right now. If you dont know about SEO, SEO abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization. With a plugin like that you can optimization your website for search engine like Google,Yahoo,Bing, DuckDuckGo etc.

The SEO related plugin optimizes the structure of the website that can represent your website for the search engine in a better way. You can edit the search preview snippet with an SEO plugin.

The RankMath SEO plugin has 400,000+ Active installations with 1700+ 5 Star review.

RankMath SEO providing many paid features for free, you cannot get these feature from others SEO plugin.

Other feature of RankMath:

  • 15 Inbuilt Modules.
  • SEO analysis with 30 known Factors.
  • This plugin Can be easily migrated from other SEO plugins.
  • Compatible with most of the Page builder.
  • Rich Snippet over 15 data types.
  • Can edit page preview snippet.
  • Multiple Focus Keyword support.

This plugin also integrated with Elementor, So that you dont need to exit from elementor editor when you need to edit SEO things.

iThemes Secruity(Formerly Better WP Security)
iThemes Security

iThemes Security(Formerly Better WP Security):

iThemes Security is the best security plugin for WordPress. Some users complain about their website speed after installing Security Plugin, But they found iThemes security is better than most other security plugins.

iThemes Security protects your website from hackers and Malware. It has got powerful automated attack protection. This plugin lockdown your website for them who tries to log in to the admin dashboard.

It has got Google reCapcha for protecting your website from Spammers.

This magical Security Plugin got 1+ Million active installation with 3360+ Five Star Ratings.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics(Formerly GADWP)
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics:

This plugin is the best plugin for monitoring Search Console Data directly on WordPress Dashboard similar to Google Site Kit. It integrated all the tracking features of Google Analytics so you don’t need to go to Google Search Console Dashboard for monitoring all the information.

It also has some incredible features like Accurate and Realtime Tracking, Easy Google Analytics Dashboard, Woocommerce Tracking, Affiliate, and Ads tracking, File Downloads Tracking, Author Performance Tracking, Popular post tracking, and many more.

This helpful plugin has got 1+ Millions Active Installation with 463+ Five Star Ratings. : The only free image optimizer and compress plugin
reSmush . it The only free Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin:

The best free Image optimizer and compressor plugin. This image optimizer plugin is based on API supporting image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF. This kind of plugin helps to reduce image size keeping the same quality, So it will help your hosting by decreasing resource usage.

This magical plugin has got 100,000+ Active Installation with 80+ Five Star Ratings.

Duplicate Page by mndpsingh287 wordpress plugin
Duplicate Page

Duplicate Page WordPress Plugin by mndpsingh287:

You can easily duplicate your Pages/Posts with just a single click. Then you can store this duplicated pages/post as draft/public/private/pending.

You can edit new duplicated pages/posts that can not affect the root pages/posts. So this plugin is very helpful for building pages or design and keeping the same concept as well.

This simple plugin has 1+ Million Active Installation with 124+ 5 Star Ratings.

This plugin has also Pro variant which proving much more amazing features.

Post Types Order by NSP Code WordPress Plugin
Post Type Order

Post Type Order WordPress Plugin by NSP Code:

This plugin is very helpful for Customizing the order of your blog post or products. You can manually change the post or product order by changing its date and time, but manually changing this information to customize orders is very time consuming and annoying. 

This plugin help you customizing orders with simple Drag and Drop features. You need just drag them to change orders.

This awesome plugin has got 500,000+ Active Installations with 208+ 5 Star Ratings.

ManageWP Worker by Godaddy WordPress Plugin
ManageWP Worker

ManageWP Worker WordPress Plugin by GoDaddy:

You may know the purpose of this plugin with its name. Yes, this plugin is used for managing multiple WordPress websites from one place. You can update your all website plugins in just one simple click. So this plugin s very helpful for developers whose need to manage multiple websites. 

Some Feature of this plugin

  • Bulk action supports.
  • Cloud Backup with one-click restore.
  • Safe update features. So you can be free from incompatibility issues.
  • Clients reports.
  • Performance and Security reports.
  • Can be integrated with Google Analytics.

This helpful plugin got 1+ Millions Active installation with 511+ 5 Star Reviews.

Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin
Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin by pluginkollektiv:

It’s a very simple and powerful tool for your website that keeps most of the spam out of your website. Comment spam is the most annoying thing for bloggers. This plugin help to protect your website from spam. It has a unique feature which is it can be set for allowing comments only from certain languages. You can also block commentators in countrywise.

This wonderful plugin got 500,000+ Active Installtion with 157+ Five Star Ratings.

Elementor Custom Skin by Dudster WordPress Plugin
Elementor Custom Skin

Elementor Custom Skin WordPress Plugin:

The Elementor Custom Skin Plugin adds extra skins for Elementor Page Builder which can be used for Posts and Archives. Its largest feature is you can build custom post grids or templates with drag and drop features. It is the best free way to make a custom post or post grid template using elementor.

 This simple plugin got 40,000+ Active Installation with 75+ Five Star Review.

Custom Post Tyoe UI by WebDev Studios wordpress Plugin
Custom Post Type UI

Custom Post Type UI by WebDevStudios:

This plugin helps you to build a custom post that is not available on WordPress by default. Displaying and Managing Custom data on WordPress is pretty difficult. This plugin helps you create a Custom Post Type. To understand properly about this plugin please visits its homepage.

This plugin got 800,000+ Active Installation with 188+ Five Star Reviews.

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