Free wordpress blog | how to start a in 2020

In this article, I am going to show you a free wordpress blog site making absolutely free methods that cost nothing but will get a professional-looking site step by step with video tutorials at the end.

free wordpress website first look

Let’s get started on our journey.

Heading to for free wordpress blog

Click on the Start Your website or Get started

Signup for free wordpress blog

free wordpress blog sign up page


Now enter your email address,choose an username which is available for you,then give a strong password or you can complete the signup process just clicking Continue with google,but i prefer sign up using email address.


free wordpress blog domain search

choose your subdomain, i said subdomain because of you will get like url, So choose a short domain name within 15 character, type your desired subdomain and select the domain with ,may be there are random number after your chosen domain name, don’t panic we will customize this url later.

Now in the plan selection window, Just click on the start a free site.

After logging in , on the left side dashboard menu click on the Domains, Then select your primary domain, we want to remove these random numbers from your domain name.

Now click on the change site address option,Now remove these numbers and find the available domain name without these annoying numbers.

free wordpress blog changing site address
free wordpress blog change site address

To confirm change to your domain just click on the tic box and select Change site address.

free wordpress blog site address available
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Congratulations ! You successfully created your new free wordpress blog.

You need to verify your email address before changing domain name, So check your email and confirm it.

Setup Your new free wordpress blog:

free wordpress blog dashboard first look

In the dashboard click on the visit Site Button,You will get this message “your site hasn’t been launched yet.Only you can see it until it is finished”. Now click Launch site button, in this step you will be asked to give your site an address, Just click skip purchase to use your domain,In the step 2 of 3 you need to click continue with your free site.

Now your free wordpress site is live, you can check your new site by putting the domain name in a new tab or just click visit site.

free wordpress blog basic site setup
free wordpress blog change site name

Basic Site Setup:

  • Choose an awesome name related to your domain name. After giving a name choose a site tagline , write a few words about your site which is called site niche.
  • Set your site icon
  • Then Choose Your language
  • Select your site timezone.
  • Set privacy to public 
  • Skip the site footer credit section and click save setting.
  • And click return to home.

Choosing the best wordpress theme for your free wordpress blog:

Goto your dashboard -> Then click themes

Your default theme is Hever. We are going to change this.

There are plenty of free themes that are responsive and seo friendly themes such as Maxwell, Apostrophe 2,Rebalance. Just choose a free theme and click activate it

Customizing the theme:

free wordpress blog customize theme
  • Goto Dashboard then select Customize. Click on site Identity.
  • Make a logo, this logo will appears in the heading.Wordpress site logo size is 180*60 PX.
  • Customize site title
  • customize site tagline
  • Untick Display site title and tagline if you set a logo.
  • Make a site icon which will appear in the tab bar.
  • Customize footer credit if you want

Customizing Colors and Backgrounds:

Under the Site identity tab you will find the Colors and backgrounds tab.

You can use a picture as a background or go for solid color. Also background patterns are available.

Customizing font:

Under the Colors and Background tab,you can get the Fonts tab.

In the font tab you will get two option

  • Headings.
  • Base Fonts.

Headings are usually H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6, if a text block has any of these heading text you can customize the heading font.Best font for heading is Poppins.

Base fonts are normally paragraph and shorts text which doesn’t use the heading function. So choose a font for paragraph in the base fonts. Best font for the paragraph is Roboto Regular.

Customizing the Menus:

There are four tabs that are automatically created in the menu bar. These are Home,Blog,About,Contact. You can use pages,categories,custom links in the menu bar. I will show it in the video.

Customizing Content Option:

Here you can control a post metadata such as Author Bio, Display Date, Display Categories, Display Tags, Display Author,Etc.

Customizing Home Page Setting:

Here you will get two options. You can control your homepage, if you want to make a landing page then select A Static Page or if you want to show a blog post in the home page just select Your Latest Post.

Setting Up AMP:

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, You can use amp pages for mobile users, AMP pages are loaded just a second and give a clear user interface to the audience. Google prefers Responsive websites and AMP enable for Mobile users.

  • Moderating comments – Here you can approve, delete and reply to the comments.
  • Appearance: We already covered it earlier – for trying out new themes and customization.
  • Settings: Lot more things to do. Go through the settings and configure them as per the need.

Getting Familiar with Dashboard of Fundamental tabs:


In the states section you can see the Traffic analysis,Insight,Total page view,likes ,comments,your trending post.

Sites: There are 4 Main elements are presents

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Media
  • Comments

Pages section:

Here you see all of your pages and create new pages options.

Posts Section:

Here you will see all of your posted posts and to create a new post.

Media Section:

All of your published images and videos are present there. You can edit these images and set metadata.

Comments Section:

Audience you say about your website,post or ask you something in the comment section, You can control comment into the posting section.

Now we are at the end of the free wordpress blog step by step tutorial. Soon we will add a video tutorial for free wordpress blog making in 2020.

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