HTML Basic Part-3 Formatting, Listing, Comment

HTML Basic Part-3: Formatting, Listing, Comment

Today we will discuss HTML, Listing and Formatting.

HTML Comment:

HTML comment is very important for those of us who write code and design websites. Well, you’ve got some questions to ask. So I’ll answer the questions without delay.

What is HTML Comment?

ans: The side-note that is written inside the coding for the benefit of coding and that the browser does not display is HTML.

Why is HTML comment used?

ans: the following are the benefits:

  • HTML comment gives you the advantage of formatting the code.
  • More than one person working on the same web site gives an idea of each other’s work.
  • Developers can easily put their own names and website information in the code.

How is HTML Comment written?

Type the code below to write HTML comment and double click to see the output by saving the file by any name and you will not see anything as output.

But now, make < a mistake with the simple. Without the sign, you will see your wrong line showing with a simple.

ans: HTML List is usually two types.

  • Ordered List
  • Unordered List

Ordered List:
Any number or character list is called an Ordered List. Ordered List
is started with <ol> tags.

Unordered List:
Any list with a simble is called an Unordered List. Unordered List is started with <ul> tags.

Why is HTML List used?

ans: HTML List is used to enhance the beauty of writing.

How is the HTML List written?

HTML List <ol> : or <ul> start and end with tag ( </ol> or </ul>). And the words you put in the list will start and end with the <li> tag . For example, you should look at the two codes below.


<li>Mother Board</li>

<li>Hard Disk</li>





  • Mother Board
  • Hard Disk
  • Processor
  • Ram

In the case of the Ordered List,


<li>Mother Board</li>

<li>Hard Disk</li>





  1. Mother Board
  2. Hard Disk
  3. Processor
  4. Ram

HTML Formatting:

When we write something in Microsoft Word, we have to follow many rules. For example: To write a text in the middle, you need to press Ctrl s s s or turn on Caps Lock to write all the characters in large hands. However, these things are part of formatting. Now you have to follow some rules when you write something, use some of the tags. And that’s HTML Formatting.

How HTML Formatting is done:
As I write in the middle of the text:

<center>This tag shows the paragraph center</center>


This tag shows the paragraph center

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