How to appeal for a second time on Facebook Ad Account Flag?

Facebook often flags or disables its users’ ad accounts if they break its policy. Then you may have appealed according to the rules. You can get this kind of answer from Facebook.

“I reviewed your ad account again. Sorry, we can’t re-enforce your ad account. All ads are reviewed in harmony with our policy and considering the value of the content. When an ad is launched on an ad account and it does not follow our policy, we disable the ad account.

You can’t take any further action from us later. We will not cooperate with you to add your business model.

Please consider this decision as final. “

This is a generic answer to Facebook. The same thing is copied to everyone.

It will not be of any use if you appeal to that ad account or live chat. They will not respond or take any effective positions. If you firmly believe your ad account has been flagged off by mistake, you can apply a second time by using a trick. However, there is no guarantee that your account will be re-used. However, you can appeal and get a reply from them. I’m telling you from my experience. I also got positive results by appealing. Because the system is as wrong as it is, so people make mistakes. When you appeal for a second time, it will be done in a new way. A new person may review it. So we can expect positive results.

Let’s hope we appeal for a second time. If there is another admin in your ad account, you can appeal through him. And if there’s no other admin, make a new admin and appeal through him. But when you appeal for a second time, you have to make your words a little different. Don’t tell me what the appeal did once. You can write me off. And people just make mistakes. I will be careful to follow your policy later.

Now, appeal for a second time. See if you get some positive results. Everyone will be fine.

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