Change the status of Facebook boost according to conditions

Sometimes even a good quality unique content is not available even after you have been posted on Facebook. It turns out that Rich is doing well, the tune is getting better, but the rate at which orders or sales are expected is not coming. Then you have to think about ad audience.

The image here is a good quality unique content. They have branded bags, as well as good-quality images. Whether or not the ad is on the wall, at least try to take a look at the ad. If you like it, click and look big. Then decide whether to buy the product. If you match the quality and price, you’ll get order.

After the ad was boosted, Rich and Tune Like were good, but i know why the order was a little low. The owner of the page, told me, “Brother Ad looks a little slow. I checked and saw that the rate at which Ad’s tune clicks were supposed to increase did not increase. So what was the problem?

I’ve seen Ad’s ongoing report. The “Post Click” of this ad was a little less. So it was naturally low click through rate or CTR. Why was this the case even after it was so good content? What was the story then? It had a lot of organic riches before it was put on the bus. Within 24 hours, more than 20,000 organic reach came. I gave a $10 ad boost for three days. I told you i didn’t get a good result from the boost. This is because I think the paid Ads who have been delivered have already seen the ad from Organic Rich. So even if you like the tune, you don’t show any interest in clicking.

What was the solution?

I’ve been bust with detailed targeting – interests, demographics, behaviors, including custom audiences. I think many of them had organically delivered the ad before, so change its auditions and set up “Lookalike Audience”. As a result, the page’s good quality Offers was delivered to the new Audience. From the well-known “Look-a-Like Audiences” to the brand New Audience, the ad is delivered to those who were never on the page. This increases the amount of Ad’s mess es s and CTR. With that, the comments are increasing.

However, it’s not good to assume that the ad is performing very well, after reading more rich and more tune likes. Whatever the rich come, click through rate or CTR is more than the product sale. And then the cell will grow.

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